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“We see new possibilities from the current volatile climate… to create new partnerships to innovate for more effective business, and to drive better productivity.”

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The world needs energy. And the demand will only grow. This offers great opportunities for GE to meet growing needs for building greater infrastructure, managing production and operations, and building higher quality solutions that not only last longer but that can also help predict potential risks and increase throughput.

In GE, we believe the answer for a secure future for our industry can be found in a place that some companies never consider. We believe in the productivity gain found in data, analytics, and software. The combination of software and machines has laid the foundation for a new wave of innovation — and the economic and environmental impact of industry and software cannot be understated. That’s why we at GE have been transforming into a digital industrial company.

We can’t do this alone. We see possibilities arising when companies come together in new ecosystems and partnerships to create more effective business and operating models. That is why we continue to bring together a broad array of leaders from all over the world, representing both governments and industry, during our Annual Meeting.

During our 17th edition, we engaged in some healthy debate around the opportunities and challenges facing our industry. The valuable insights that were shared set things in motion to drive the oil and gas industry forward — and fuel the future… together.

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